DIY or Professional Application?

Should I apply the paint protection yourself or have it professionally done? This question is asked often.


Applying it yourself

Toughseal Paint Proteciton is easy enough to apply yourself if your car's paint is in good condition. If you have taken delivery recently and have no acid marks (from bird droppings for example) or fine scratches, then you can easily do it yourself. Set aside a morning or an afternoon to get the job done. It takes a bit of time to do, but it does not require a high level of skill when the paintwork is good.


Professional Application

You should consider having paint protection professionally applied if your car's paint is not 100% OK. A professional has tools such as clay and buffing compounds that are uneconomical for you to buy (as your car is likely to need very little of it). A professional is also able to determine which scratches can be buffed out and which cannot, and which tools to use to achieve the best results.  He will speak to you, explain and recommend appropriate action.

It is not uncommon for a professional paint protection applicator to spend a whole day on a vehicle.


Dealership Application

If you do not watch the application of paint protection, you can not be certain what product is actually used, how much of it is used, or how much care is taken to ensure complete application.

Ask your salesman if you can watch while the paint protection is being applied. If he's good, he'll say yes. Even better would be if, when you arrive at the scheduled time, you don't get told "Ah, sorry - the guys did it already. They were running early and couldn't wait..."

The person applying the paint protection is an employee whom you will never meet. His priority is to "get it done" and move on to the next car.