Paint Protection

DIY or Professional Application?

Should I apply the paint protection yourself or have it professionally done? This question is asked often.


Applying it yourself

Toughseal Paint Proteciton is easy enough to apply yourself if your car's paint is in good condition. If you have taken delivery recently and have no acid marks (from bird droppings for example) or fine scratches, then you can easily do it yourself. Set aside a morning or an afternoon to get the job done. It takes a bit of time to do, but it does not...

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Does my car need paint protection?

Virtually every car maker now uses water based paints. It is not possible to achieve a sufficient gloss with water based paints. In addition, all currently used UV absorbers and HALS (hindered amine light stabilisers) volatilise and are lost from the coating over time and migrate into the basecoat or even into the substrate. This leaves the paint unprotected against fading and oxidation. This is true of all paint systems used in automotive manufacturi...

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What is the best paint protection?

Toughseal Paint Protection chemically bonds to painted surfaces by using the elastisity of a hydrophobic film. It forms a protective barrier between the car paint and destructive elements such as:

  • UV Light (which otherwise causes the paint to fade over time), and
  • Acid Rain, bird droppings, salt spray and other corrosive substances

Unlike ordinary wax, Toughseal Paint Protection will not melt away. Carnauba wax (commonly used in car waxes) has a melting point of just 84°...

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